Our custom rod builder will work with you starting with the information you provide on our Customer Information Form and then begin asking additional questions to help further define your fishing style and needs. The better the builder understands how you intend to use the rod, what you prefer in terms of rod performance and any special features you desire or require, the better the end product.

Rod blank and component selection may be a collaborative effort between you and the rod builder or you may prefer to let the builder select the combination that best meets your requirements. There are literally thousands of options to choose from in selecting the components for your rod. Each component contributes to the overall performance and the final appearance of your rod. Your rod builder can provide essential advice and assistance in selecting components. Our rod builder will help assure that all of the components that will become your custom rod are carefully selected and matched to create a uniquely styled rod that meets our performance needs.

Our rod builder will optimize component placement, hand fit all components, finish, fine tune and balance the rod to meet your needs and fishing style. Incorporating exotic materials in handles, reel seats or decorations; creating unique color combinations; and accommodating personalized designs or physical limitations in rod construction are all part of the service. If you have something in mind, make sure you communicate it clearly to your rod builder. You will be pleasantly surprised to see your ideas come to life in your new custom rod.

Custom Rods cost less than you might think.  This is an area where you and our rod builder may negotiate and reach agreement.  However, it is possible to have a custom rod built just for you for about the same cost as many production rods on the market today, often less.  Component selection impacts final price, but you may be surprised to learn that high quality, custom built fishing rods can be quite affordable.

Submit our Customer Information Form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements and specifications.