Private label rods (trade rods) are fishing rods that are built by a professional rod making company for another company or retail outlet that carry the name of the client instead of the maker. Trade rods are a long standing practice in the rod building industry. The majority of fishing rods are built by a relatively limited number of manufacturers but marketed under a wide variety of names and labels. Black Dog Custom Rods is no exception as we have been building private label rods for commercial clients for the past twelve years.

The majority of our private label rod building activity is producing fly rods. We design and build bamboo fly rods and graphite fly rods for commercial clients located in the US and abroad. We also do some private label spinning rod work and are certainly open to any type of rod building for private label clients.

Typically, we work with you to design a rod that satisfies your needs and represents your company appropriately. Design and production specifications are agreed upon and we establish a timetable for delivery of your rods. Additional items such as rod bags, tubes, custom logo application, engraving, decals, embroidery, etc, are handled through the use of subcontractors and industry specialists. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

As an established retailer of fine fishing rods, or as a new group entering the market, if you require the services of a private label rod maker, please contact us directly. We are happy to discuss your requirements as well as provide a sample and/or a proposal for production costs and schedules. Contact us today to discuss Private Label Rods in more detail.