The majority of people who fish use factory made fishing rods and have very successful outings with friends and family.  Production rods are typically designed and made for the average person with average skills using quality components and provide reasonable performance for most of us. Those who want a little more from their fishing rods turn to custom rod builders to acquire the tool they require for the style of fishing they prefer.

Reasons to choose a custom crafted fishing rod include:

“I want to be different than everyone else.”
This may not be the best reason for investing in a custom built rod, but it most certainly is a reason that motivates some people. Often this involves personalizing the rod with your name, school colors, favorite fish, or maybe a unique handle, reel seat or special guides. Sometimes it’s just being a little different than your fishing buddies or being a trend setter on your home waters. Of course, you could just paint your rod florescent orange and be done with it, but that’s not really as satisfying in the end.

“I want better performance from my fishing rod.”
This is where a custom rod builder can really help you out. A fishing rod is tuned for performance in much the same way an automobile is tuned for driving comfort and performance or a golf club is tuned to suit your personal style and physical size. Rod blank selection, rod length, guide selection, guide spacing, guide location, handle construction and reel seat choice are only a few of the factors that must be considered when designing and crafting a fishing rod made just for you, your quarry and your fishing style.

“I want a rod that I can use for…”
(insert name of fish) on (insert name of river, stream, lake, ocean) in the (insert length and weight) class. Another great area in which a custom rod builder can really be your friend.

Many custom rod requests are in this form, for example

“…a long, limber light weight spinning rod with almost no handle used for drifting crickets along the bottom of trout streams” might turn into a 9’0″ spinning rod with a 7″ handle and reel seat combined length, flush with the butt, and built on a 3wt fly rod blank.”

Not every request is a specialty rod, most are simply rods designed and built to help you catch that fish, in that water with better control and greater frequency.

I have special requirements.
Perhaps you travel extensively, backpack into the wilderness, ride a motorcycle, ATV or horse; maybe you chase a very special fish or have some physical limitation that is not readily accommodated by the average fishing rod. Multi-section rods solve most travel related problems. Unique rods are built every day to chase huge fish, ply tiny streams, handle longer casts and function within your physical limitations. Custom design and crafting means custom fit to your needs and abilities.

I want all of the above.
No problem. As professional rod builders, we can incorporate your favorite colors, handle material, casting style, specialty items and physical needs into a well tuned, high performance, fishing rod built just for you.

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