Below are samples of the rods that we either have in our store for sale or can custom design and create for you.  Any rod shown can be customized according to your specifications if you don’t like the current configuration.  We have also added a line of walking/wading sticks that can be customized.  Contact us for further information.

9′ 5wt Burgundy Graphite Fly Rod with custom fighting butt, 4 piece – $500

Fiberglass Wading Staff with custom Redfish wrap, Salmon in color – $60

Bamboo Wading Staff with rhinestones – $60

5’10” White Fiberglass Fly Rod, one piece, 7wt, custom wood handle – $150 (shown with matching bamboo white wading staff – $60)

9’0″ Graphite Fly Rod, 6wt, 2 piece with fighting butt, sky blue in color – $450 (shown with matching sky blue wading staff – $60)

9′ Pack Fly Rod, Graphite, 7 piece with 2 tips, Brown in color – $450

Reconditioned 9′ Bamboo Fly Rod, 3 pieces, 2 tips; comes with original bag and tube – $450

Purple Graphite Wading Stick with Trout Designed Decals – $60

9′  Fiberglass Fly Rod, Khaki in color – $450

Reconditioned 9′ Bamboo Fly Rod, 3 pieces, 2 tips – $450

Sample – Four Custom Made Bamboo Fly Rods and one Bamboo Salmon Rod for One Family, done in UW-Madison, University of Idaho and Green Bay Packers  Colors with Matching Decals – total of $2600

Sample – Custom Bamboo Fly Rod

Sample – Custom Production Rod

Sample – Custom Antler Reel Seat

Sample – Custom Pack Rod

Sample – Custom Pack Rod

Sample – Custom Sturgeon Rod with Custom Decal

Samples – Custom Handles

Sample – Custom Red Graphite Fly Rod with Burl Handle and Reel Seat


Sample – Custom Casting Rod, 2 piece, M action, 8’0″

Sample – Custom Casting Rod, 2 pieces, ML action, 8’6″